The Team

Leadership team with right mix of entrepreneurial DNA, operating experience, problem solving and technical depth

Pallav Pandey
IIT-K (2000, EE)
"Serial Entrepreneur Founder Knowlarity (Valued at $100M+)"
Past Experience - NVIDIA
Mukul Bhati
IIT-G (2008, CSE)
"Technology Leader at PayU"
Past Experience - UrbanTouch, Knowlarity
Siddharth P. Singh
VP, Technology
IIT-G (2010, CSE)
Past Experience - Google, Adobe
Monojeet Sinha
VP, Product & Marketing
IIT-G , IIMB (2011)
Past Experience - CupoNation, KPMG
Mayank Goel
SVP, Supply
IIM-C (2009)
Past Experience - Head Private Fleet, OLA, PWC
Anshul Gupta
SVP, Sales
ISB (2009)
Past Experience - E-Valueserve