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We value your access to properties in your area - come partner with us! represents the interest of the tenants. Every day hundreds of high value customers come on to find genuine, high quality rental properties. For each of these properties, we partner exclusively with Real Estate professionals like yourself, who share precise information and photographs about these properties and manage the house-owner relationships.

We work with an exclusive set of partners who share our values of serving the customers ethically. And for those whom we partner with, is a reliable partner for regular monthly business.

Partner and FastFox Benefits

  • 200+ Genuine Corporate Clients Everyday

    Official relocation partner of 100+ MNCs.

    High quality tenant leads for inventory partners like you.

  • Exclusivity of Inventory

    On any inventory, we deal only with the inventory partner who first arranges its pictures.

  • Picture Inventory Scheme

    Be the first partner to get your inventory photographed to lock your future revenue and also qualify for monthly incentive scheme.

  • Your Tenant side Partner

    Fastfox Deals with inventory partners like you.

  • Dedicated Relationship Managers

    Single touch points to manage your entire relationship with the company and ensure your success.

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