How Big is the Home Rentals Industry?

20M families living in urban cities and pay 100,000 per year on average. This generates $3Bn in brokerage revenues. There are 1,000,000+ broking entities (individuals, small firms) in the country, who also buy/sell and do commercial transactions to supplement their incomes.

Global Shift from Ownership of Home to Renting

United States of America


The decade-long surge in rental demand is unprecedented. In mid-2015, 43 million families and individuals lived in rental housing, up nearly 9 million from 2005—the largest gain in any 10-year period on record.

- Harvard University
(Center for Housing Studies)

United Kingdom


The property rental market is booming at the expense of the sales market, making it look as if house-buying will be outstripped for the first time in eight decades next year.

- The Guardian



Data collected shows an increase in the proportion of households renting or still paying a mortgage and a dramatic drop in the rate of outright ownership.

- Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Financial Sense to Property Ownership

Returns on Rented Property
Interest Rate on Home Loan

India is one of the worst markets globally for property ownership with Net Return Rate(Rental Returns - Home Loan) of -6.36%. (To feel better Russia is worse at -8.28%).

Home Renting is a Very Large Industry where technology and Internet has made practically no impact on customer experience.

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