Know Your Apartment: Types Of Residential Apartments In India


The basic definition of apartments as defined by most realtors, investors and builders is a residential unit within a building. Real estate apartments today have been diversified into many categories such as studios, builder floors, penthouse, etc. Here is a list of apartment categories to choose from in India:

Builder Floors

Such type of apartments are primarily constructed by builders and these don’t have more than 4 floors, inclusive of the ground floor. These type of apartments have less number of floor as compared to multistorey apartments.


As it goes with the name, these type of apartments have more than 5 floors, a common area and other amenities. According to some experts a building is only considered to be a multistorey if it has multiple residential units on each floor. Lift in such type of buildings can be considered to be a mandatory facility.


Any apartment which is determined by the number of rooms, regardless of the number of floors in a building is called a studio apartment. These type of residential units are a combination of living area, kitchen and bedroom in a single room. More commonly these are referred to as bachelor or efficiency apartments, because they save space and cost. Studios can be found in a builder floor or multistorey complex.


Any apartment, on the top most floor of a multistorey building, and commonly referred to as a luxury housing unit in that particular residential construction is called as a Penthouse. It is therefore, the costliest apartment as compared to other residential units in the same building.

Row Houses

These are series of houses, which have identical plans and are located adjacent to each other sharing a common wall. Even though these type of apartments have same architecture, appearance and design they are not considered as villas since they share a common wall.


A country house or a farmhouse individual estate with almost all the facilities is called as a Villa. In the present world scenario, villas are considered to be luxury apartments within gated communities, surrounded by landscape gardens and lawns.


As the name suggests, a villament is a combination of a luxurious villa and an apartment. Mostly there are 4 to 6 villaments that form a building, accompanies with a penthouse and duplexes. Since, these are lesser in number, one can be sure of their house privacy. Also, the interiors within villaments resemble considerably same as villas, and most of these have a private garden. Moreover, these luxurious residents are available at the price of an apartment.

Gated Communities

Multistorey apartments, villas and row houses with limited access, strict security and situated inside a closed perimeter of fences and compound walls are called as gated communities. These provide services and amenities only to its residents. Usually, these have facilities such as grocery stores, gym, restaurants, etc within them.

Integrated Township

A small area of land with a small town, having all the civic amenities such as roads, water, electricity, school, healthcare units, garbage disposals, parks, recreational center, etc is called as a township. These are residential complexes constructed either by the government or by private realtors and usually situated within suburbs. The mandatory availability of civic amenities in integrated townships makes it different from gated communities.

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