Types Of Apartments Near Microsoft and Amazon in DLF-3, Gurgaon

Photo Credit: India Catalog.com

Photo Credit: India Catalog.com

With so many international company offices like Microsoft, Amazon and Expedia being set up in India, the employment ratio would sustainable increase. Moreover, this increase has created demand for staying in accommodation close to the company building. Here is a list of apartments employees working in companies in and around Cyber Hub prefer to seek:

Studios/ 1 RK

The most reasonable accommodation for bachelors seeking accommodations in Gurgaon would be a 1 room and kitchen. These can be bought near Cyber Hub within a monthly rental range of INR 8,500 to 16,000. The built up area would probably be within 200 to 650 sq.ft..

Independent Builder Floor

There could be many builder floor or apartment societies a little far from  DLF-3, but then there is no need to go far if you can find floors under the monthly rental of INR 9,000 to 2 lakhs.These can be between 1 to 7 BHK,.  The built up area for these can approximately be in between 330 to 4500 sq.ft.

House or Villas

Finding a villa or a house in Gurgaon isn’t a really tough job, but the fact that rental price astoundingly vary a lot might lead you to choose a distant location from your place of work. On the other hand price of monthly rent for house or villas near Cyber Hub are as low as INR 8500 and go up to the limit of INR 4 lakhs. These include 1 bedroom to 16 BHK houses, with a built up area between 540 to 5000 sq.ft.

Residential Apartments

People living in Gurgaon are preferring residential apartments in a reasonable rental range. Maintaining their cost of living, there are many societies that can offer such apartments between INR 8000 to INR 75,000. These probably would include 1 to 5 BHK’s with a built up area lying somewhere around 240 to 1800 sq.ft.


The total average cost of rent would majorly depend upon amenities, furnishing and total built up area. 


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