Broker Vs No Broker: Should You Hire a Realtor For Finding a Rental Flat in Gurgaon ?

Real Estate Broker in Gurgaon

Real Estate Broker in Gurgaon

If you have recently moved to Gurgaon, the first and foremost thing that must be probably listed in your check list is to find a decent rental accommodation. So the next question that would be occupying your mind is, should I hire a broker for finding a rental flat or should I find it on my own ? Well the question, seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to buying or selling a flat, but when it comes to renting a flat, it does merit consideration.

Real estate brokers or the realtors are the area experts, with sound knowledge of the particular area they operate in. If you are new to the place without sound knowledge about the societies and localities in Gurgaon, then a broker can surely play a guiding role.

You might also be contemplating the option of searching on online portals or exploring around the city to locate broker free rental accommodations around the city. Well theoretically this options sounds really enticing but in realty it is a really tedious process to say the least. The problem with listings in online portals are most of them are fake listings to generate a customer lead. And the problem in searching for To-Let boards around the city is in 90% of the occasions you will find the phone number mentioned to be of a broker, as most of the owners appoint a broker to rent their flat in a city like Gurgaon. So in high probability you will end up wasting your valuable time without making considerable progress in your home search.

Further, in a rapidly developing city like Gurgaon, which has been witnessing a continuous influx of inhabitants from across the country, the rental market is really fast moving. If you intend to find a decent rental apartment, broker free you might face stiff competition from other prospective renters. Thus a broker who has a wide array of options in his sleeves comes to rescue. He can show you a wide range of options from which you can shortlist and finalize your dream home.

The brokers do charge a brokerage fee of mostly 15 days or 30 days of monthly rent according to industry norms. But the good thing about it is all the paperwork and formalities is taken care by them. You do not need to break a sweat for post move in services or paperwork if you have taken the services of a really profession broker.

To conclude, finding a perfect home, broker free can be really enticing option. But with the fragmented real estate industry scenario in our country, the brokers do indeed play a pivotal role in helping us find a good place to stay. So it is wise to opt for an experienced and professional broker rather than a no broker option.

Love them, Hate them, But you cannot probably ignore them !!


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