Old Age Homes Vs Furnished Elderly Apartments In Gurgaon

Abakas Municipal Old Age Home Taki North 24 Parganas Vs Citizen Apartment, Gurgaon

Abakas Municipal Old Age Home Taki North 24 Parganas Vs Citizen Apartment, Gurgaon

Keeping our aged parents in old age homes might seem a reasonable choice for most married couples. On the other hand, the following factors might just conflict the thinking of many married couples and become an eye opener:

1. Independence

Although, many people would agree that our senior citizens get enough independence in old age home, this is not quite true. In fact, most bedrooms of old age home just have enough area for a single bed. On the other hand, elderly citizens living in their own furnished apartments enjoy the privilege of ample individual space.

2. Not Prioritized

In most old age homes people the staff take the responsibility to take care of maximum people. In their event to prioritize maximum people they fail to meet all their demands. In comparison to old age homes, people taking care of individual senior citizen or their families take more care. Arguably, senior citizens are more satisfied living in their own apartments.

3. Living Issues

Every now and then, elderly citizens feel issues regarding living in old age homes. This happens because they have become accustomed to live in certain manner all their lives. Moreover, they can enjoy this freedom more in their own furnished apartments than in old age homes.

4. Food

By and large, most old age homes serve food only during specific time. Meeting any additional requirement becomes much more difficult for people working in old age homes. Contradictory to this elderly citizens get pampered with their family members, if they have any food issues. Moreover, families don’t hesitate to serve any demands of each other.

5. Sanitation

Most people might say that old age homes are much cleaner compared to any residential apartments. As a matter of fact, this is not true and is just opposite to it, since apartments have less places to take care off. In addition, apartments can be cleaned much more easily even when your helpers are on leave.

6. Helper Issues

Often, helper issues can occur in old age homes. For example, if the cook is absent, then the old age home would probably resort to a new chef or bring food from outside. Consequently, lead to health issues among our elderly family members living in old age homes. On the other hand, family members intend to cook healthier food for their families. Senior citizens living in apartments also enjoy the privilege of dining with their families everyday.

7. Society Perks

Many old age homes don’t have societal benefits such as parks, walking tracks, outdoor exercising or relaxing machines, etc.In addition, senior citizens living in old age homes are restricted to go out of premises for safety issues. Aged people living in apartments with their families do not face any such issues. Elders can always be assisted with one or more family members even when just want to stroll during late hours.

8. Rental Cost

Every service has its costs and so do old age homes. Arguably, giving out monthly charge for one or more elderly family members staying in old age homes is more expensive than having them at home. The average cost of renting any 2 BHK furnished apartment in Gurgaon, for 2 to 4 members is just INR 22,000. The same amount could be for a single elder member of your family if they are kept in the best old age homes.

In conclusion, keeping your aged parent in your apartment is a much wiser decision than keeping them in old age homes. Additionally, one shall always feel privileged with an elderly person at home.

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