Shifting To Gurgaon ? 10 Moving Hacks That You Should Know







1. Arrange Your Packing Boxes

The most important thing when you are shifting to Gurgaon are cardboard boxes. We need them to package all our stuff. A convenient way to get these boxes would be to go to a nearby grocery/clothing store and ask for spare boxes for free. The stores would give them to you willingly.

2. Make Full Utilization Of Your Bags

Yes, you read it right. Use any backpack or trolley bags that you might use for travelling purposes to pack up your important items. Also, use any boxes that you might have received when you would have ordered anything online.

3. Label Your Packages

Packaging boxes according to different categories would actually help while unpacking them in your new apartment in Gurgaon. Add labels to each box that you packed so you know the exact stuff in each box.

4. Create Checklist Before Loading

Prior to loading boxes on a truck count the number of boxes you have packed and write them category wise on a piece of paper or your personal diary. This will help you later on, and let you know if you might have left any box or missed out something(s).

5. Take Pictures Of Your Present Apartment

When we move into a new place in Gurgaon, most of our time is consumed in putting things in the places we might like. The easier way would be to take pictures of everything in your current apartment. This way you can save your time and place your stuff exactly the same way in your new apartment as you did in your old one.

6. Take Measurements For Better Placements

Before moving to Gurgaon into another apartment, take pictures of places where you would like to place your stuff. Also, take measurements of every small place in your new apartment so you know where you would like to place your items. By doing so you will not be worried about the space they will consume.

7. Keep Your Daily Essentials SEPARATE

If you are planning to move to Gurgaon into a new apartment, you should probably keep your medicines, make up kit and emergency kit in separate small boxes/bags. Another essential thing you should keep with you are filled water bottles, which would be handy when you are tired during shifting. You would be required to go to the market if you don’t have water with you and that would consume more time.

8. Discard Your Junk

Don’t carry any unnecessary items that you might be planning to discard for a long time. The good thing about moving to a new place is you can just junk items that you don’t require.

9. Cushion Your Glass Items

If you wish to save space in your boxes, you can roll your linens with glass items. This will save them from breaking and will also save your additional box requirements.

10. Tape ‘Em Right

Some boxes intend to open up in trucks when you are shifting them. Putting tapes in both directions would probably avoid this situation. Package your boxes creating a “+ sign”, and this would decrease any such events.

Hope these moving tips help you while shifting to Gurgaon from your current place.

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