Flat and Flatmates in Gurgaon: 5 Tips For Finding A Perfect Flat And Flatmates

Flat and Flatmates in Gurgaon

Flat and Flatmates in Gurgaon

Gurgaon the millennium city, has a lot of people searching for their dream home or a perfect accommodation. Apparently, finding and meeting personal home requirements, especially in Gurgaon could be really a tedious task. At the same time, finding the perfect flat and flatmates in Gurgaon could be tougher. Moreover, people often think, if there could be a few tips to make decisions for finding the right home. Here is a list for finding your perfect match home in our beloved Gurgaon city:

5 Tips For Finding A Perfect Flat In Gurgaon

1. Budget

Oh! I am fully aware about your thoughts. Budget is not the issue, finding the right place to live in is in fact certainly another thought. Well, I would like to say that budget is the real issue. If you are adamant, then you will certainly find difficulty in the final stage of decision making before renting an accommodation.

Sorting out the budget or to say an ideal margin of price range would help in enormous ways. Firstly, the societies in which the rental budget fits can be sorted out through web portal such as FastFox.com. Secondly, certainty of individuals need such as amenities like fans, A/C, etc can be listed within the budget. Thirdly, budget friend localities can be differentiated by visiting different localities within our rental cost per month.

2. Society

By and large, Gurgaon has many societies in different localities and townships. These have been created by either renowned builders or developers or by both (builders and developers). The society we choose to live in will definitely matter on a daily basis. Checking out different societies in a budget would certainly give us a broader view about our daily life. Also, societal features like landscape gardens, fountains, gates, etc, then there will surely be an added benefit.

3. Locality

Much as I like to say, people like to confuse societies with localities. As a matter of fact, both of them are entirely different. Broadly speaking a society is place in which your residential complex/tower/building is based and usually covered around walls and gates. On the other hand, localities are areas with different societies within them. At this point, choosing the locality becomes as critical as any society. Therefore, look outside your society and check out the locality features like shopping arcades, marketplaces and connectivity to the city.

4. The Distance Meter

This is one of the most crucial factor before renting any accommodation in Gurgaon. Finding the distance of the place you are planning to rent to your office is important. The reason would be the cost incurred on traveling from the former to the latter. Calculating average traveling cost helps in making faster decision making. Additionally, check all the available modes of transport available near your rental accommodation. Include metros, taxis, autos, rickshaws and railway station if you have your job in New Delhi.

5. Differentiate & Finalize

The last and final step would be to differentiate between the different rental flats chosen. The best way to do the differentiation would be to mark the advantage and drawbacks of all flats. When doing this process, do include all the above factors mentioned prior to this point. Finalize, the right rental place or your dream home and start living in a new world. If you still find difficulty in decision making, here is link for searching best homes in Gurgaon:


Now, I believe that you must be living a house, builder floor or flat, but there is still a problem. The rental cost of flats in Gurgaon is sky high and the search for finding a either flat and flatmate in Gurgaon is certainly more tiresome job, than any other. As a matter of flat shifting to a new flat because of affordability issues could be heartbreaking and risk taking. To avoid such circumstances here are 5 quick tips to help you find the perfect flatmate in Gurgaon:

5 Tip For Finding The Perfect Flatmates In Gurgaon

1. Flatmate Requirement

This is one of the most important factor affecting people in their daily lives. Searching for the best flatmate or suitable roomie can surely be challenging. The best way would be to jot down your roommate requirement. Some include nature of people such as peaceful or dramatic, or socialist or silent, loud or squeaky voiced, etc. Mark all the pointers on your online ad post before posting.

2. Food Brawl

Often, people forget to post this basic requirement under the flatmate nature section. Mentioning whether there are rules for strictly veg or simply posting only vegetarians, increase chances of getting an ideal flatmate. Also, there are less or no food fights or even cribbing if the other person has more or less the same food choice. Nagging later on about the other person being a non-vegetarian or including any religious comment can become an offensive and serious issue.

3. Timing

Most flatmates are usually not so cool with the timing of their flatmate. This happens usually when people have colliding job timings or usually arrive late at night. All the headache can go away if you post details like, not required party person, traveler or any specific gate timings, etc.

4. Rules & Restrictions

Stating rules and restrictions of flat or society, helps to choose from the best before calling them over as flatmates. Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable with loud music in night or any time, mentioning it on the ad would be useful. The best way again would be to state, loud noise not allowed in flats or societies. In addition, mentioning societal restriction such as bringing girlfriend over to the flat, can avoid any bad circumstances.

5. Interview

Lastly, take a final call after inviting the flatmate for an interview or a cup of coffee. Talking with your flatmate before renting a place will help you build a comfort zone. If you feel uncomfortable with your flatmate, probably you should not stay with them unless it is absolutely necessary. Finalize the deal with your flatmate if everything works out well and ask them an estimated date for moving in the flat.

Here are some facebook links to help you find the best flatmates in Gurgaon:

Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/Gurgaonrentalflats/?ref=bookmarks

Facebook Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/RentalFlatsinGurgaon/

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