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DIY: 10 Useful Tips To Redecorate Apartment Bedroom

Styling the look of your apartment and rooms is a very essential part of living. By and large, if it doesn’t appeal to you, it won’t to others. Therefore, it’s as simple as that, but usually we think that stylizing would be very expensive. However, here are some quick and relatively inexpensive ways to modify[…]

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10 Things That Single Men Should Not Overlook In Their Apartments

  Being alone, doubles your set of responsibilities and most men fail to have time for all of them. Maintaining any apartment is really a tough job, but all of us can do our part to make our homes sexier. But, there are 10 specific things that every man should definitely do after renting or[…]

Photo Credit: DLF Aralias Penthouse, Gurgaon; FabInteriors

10 Reasons: Why Middle Aged Bachelors Should Rent A Penthouse in Gurgaon ?

Middle age is a period everyone thinks of enjoying their lives. By this time, almost every individual has saved enough to do so and looks out for the best places to live. Among his viable options are flats, deluxe apartments or penthouses. Here are ten reason stating that a penthouse is the best option for[…]


Shifting To Gurgaon ? 10 Moving Hacks That You Should Know

          1. Arrange Your Packing Boxes The most important thing when you are shifting to Gurgaon are cardboard boxes. We need them to package all our stuff. A convenient way to get these boxes would be to go to a nearby grocery/clothing store and ask for spare boxes for free. The stores[…]


DIY: 5 Smart And Cheap Ways To Make Your Apartment More Classier

  Home is a place where we intend to spend the maximum amount of time, then why shouldn’t we maximize the look of our very own apartment or home. Here are a few relatively smart, cheap and useful tricks to make your interiors outstanding: 1. Add Curtains To Wall Whenever we buy or rent any[…]

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Is Vastu for your home affecting you and your family ?

It has been decades now, and every generation has heard the term Vastu-Shastra, but is really a fact or mere fiction. Most often, we hear about this term while purchasing a home. It is widely believed that buying or renting a home in accordance to Vastu would bring prosperity and success to owners or tenants.[…]


6 Amenities To Make Your Rental Home Attract Quality Tenants

What makes your rental home stand out from the rest? Is it the location? Or is it the price? Well, we can’t really predict what exactly a particular tenant wants. However, there are certain things which can really make your home stand out from the rest. Let’s have a brief look at few pointers which won’t let your[…]


14 Remarkable DIY Remodelling Ideas For Your New Home

Ever wondered how you can take more out from your home. We know that you always feel short of space in your house. FastFox understands your aspirations. Below we bring 14 ideas that you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and see the change. Happy Exploring! 1. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit. 2. Turn[…]