Builder Floor For Rent In Gurgaon: Top Rental Localities Overview

Builderfloor for rent in Gurgaon. Photo Credit: Vatika Emilia, Sector 82, Vatika Group,

Builderfloor for rent in Gurgaon. Photo Credit: Vatika Emilia, Sector 82, Vatika Group.

Gurgaon is a land for many distinct apartment societies, and for those who find apartment prices expensive, there are a lot of other options like builder floors, villas, and houses. Keeping this fact in mind let us take a look at some of the best places to rent out builder floor in Gurgaon:

Patel Nagar

Situated close to Sector 15 Part 1 & 2 is an upcoming rental society of Gurgaon. With rent starting from a base value of INR 3,500 and ending up to 22,000, this place offers a lot more than just a builder floor. The nearby market, Radhe Krishna Mandir and public parks are grasping the attention of all people these days.

Sector 65

Projects in this sector had begun a long time ago. Now, this sector is picking up its faster as compared to other localities of Gurgaon. The minimum monthly rent for a builder floor starts with INR 17,000 and ends with INR 30,000. The build up structure of apartments & well constructed roads along with the availability of renowned eating joints like The Outback, Jolly Rockers and Naivedyam Restaurant has increased demand for apartments in this locality.

Sector 51

The Citizen Welfare Society, The Citizen & New Shivalik Apartments are some of the new and famous societies of Gurgaon, situated within this sector. Not just this, there are also hospitals like Artemis, day care facilities like Little Gems International and sports academy like J.N.S, can be found in this sector. The monthly rent for independent floor in this sector may range between INR 18,000 to INR 50,000.

DLF City Phase-2

All of us might have heard and gained knowledge about this prime society of Gurgaon. Famous for restaurants like Nooba, Wah Amritsar, Hard Rock Cafe and Rred Hot Asian Bistro. Along with this there are also cinema halls, discos and local market situated here. Certainly, we might think that any rental property in DLF-2 would be very expensive, but to our astonishment, builder floor monthly rent here begins from INR 11,000. The maximum rent for independent floors here is around INR 1.3 lakhs per month.

Sector 82

This sector might seem a little far from the main city of Gurgaon, but is still a part of it and offers a range of builder floors to all its residents. Monthly cost for these floors begins from INR 6,000 and ends at INR 27,000. Although, there are many societies like Vatika Emilia, Vatika India Next and Vatika Premium Floors here, still this sector is not that much in highlight.

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