DIY: 5 Smart And Cheap Ways To Make Your Apartment More Classier



Home is a place where we intend to spend the maximum amount of time, then why shouldn’t we maximize the look of our very own apartment or home. Here are a few relatively smart, cheap and useful tricks to make your interiors outstanding:

1. Add Curtains To Wall

Whenever we buy or rent any apartment, this is one of the things that we should definitely think off. If you don’t have a budget for curtains, take some old cloth that you think might really look good. Get it sewed and then hang it in the space for curtain.

It should be noted that dust on light colour curtains are much more visible than on dark colour. If you are certain that you wish to put a light coloured material only, then white would be the best choice as it can be easily cleaned later on and attracts everyone’s eyes easily.



2. Use Bottles As Vases

A relatively convenient and effective way to make use of waste glass bottles of pickles,jams and alcohol is to convert them into vases, by colouring them. Be creative and search vases and shapes online so you can choose the best suitable design for your vase.

After designing them you may put them on your dining table, drawing room table or any other table. Pour water in all of them and put some flowers in them. Voila!!! Your vases are ready to use.




3. Mugs Or Make Up Mugs

When we have a bunch of family members at home, then sometimes the milk mugs or tea/coffee mugs get broken. Instead of throwing them, since they cannot be used anymore, we can reshape and redesign them as make up mugs,i.e., all our make up kit could be put in them and placed in front of our mirror.



4. Make Candles More Attractive

Candles are often very useful during power cuts, but we cannot use them once the candles are almost worn out. Instead of throwing away the leftover wax of each candle, we can assemble all the wax. Thereafter, if we heat them on a low flame, then we can combine them.

To effectively do this watch some videos and then combine the wax to build a new candle. Put some black tape on them and make them as designer candles. Finally, place them on a stand in either your dining room area or side table.



5. Shoes On The Side

Whenever we welcome any guests at our home, they find it very confusing to find a place to keep their shoes and sandals. Make a separate space just besides your entrance, just like when you enter a holy place and put a cute label quoting “Shoe Space”. People would really appreciate it and you can keep your home dust free.


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