2 BHK Flat In Gurgaon Near Metro Station: 10 Common Features Of A Furnished Flat

2 BHK Flat In Gurgaon near metro station

2 BHK Flat In Gurgaon near metro station

There are approximately 800+, 2 BHK flat available for rent under almost 450+ localities of Gurgaon. By and large many of these flats are a few common features to look into. For this reason, we have jotted down 10 common features of furnished 2 BHK’s in Gurgaon:


The age of any building defines its stability of construction and the year it was built. Moreover, the overall make of any apartment society is more or less defined in the year it was inaugurated. In our scenario, the age factor helps to know that flats in a building are stable enough to reside.

Also, the overall rent of any construction may depend on the year it was made. Furthermore, here is a common conception “if a building is old, the rent will be lower and vice versa”.


Most furnished 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon, showcase amenities like beds, lights, fans, charging points, switches, and others. Higher end furnished flats also have gadgets like TV, mini fridge, A/C, and others. In addition, the bedrooms also have other furniture like doors, tables, chairs, closet/wardrobes, etc. Miscellaneous features like curtains, windows, marble flooring and more can also included in 2 BHK bedrooms.

Average Space: 216- 715 sq ft(considering two bedrooms)


A few of the highly furnished 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon, depict amenities like geysers, washbasin, western toilets, shower, etc. Apart from this,different kinds of flooring is used. These include tiles like vinyl, ceramic, stone, wood floor, linoleum floor, and others. At the same time, some 2 BHK flats may also bathroom features like jacuzzi, cabinets, fixtures, etc.

Average Space: 112.5-89.375 sq ft(considering single bathroom)


The entrance hall of any apartment defines the category of apartment. By this I mean, that the hall defines a theme to a house. Vintage, graffiti, wooden, etc are some of the known apartment themes. Common furniture in furnished 2 BHK flat halls include sofas, side tables, center tables, cabinets and more. Gadgets like TV, home theater, music system, standing lights, etc are found in expensive furnished 2 BHK flats.

Average Space: 180-446 sq ft


The Kitchen, is a keen and an area of expertise of chef’s all over the world. It is the most used part of any home after the hall or bedroom. As a consequence, furnished 2 BHK are being built to next to halls and/or dining area. In fact, modular kitchens with key features like chimney, exhaust, stoves, etc can be seen in most 2 BHK flats. Along with the equipment’s, one can find drawers, compartments, cabinets, etch for storage purpose in 2 BHK’s of Gurgaon.

Average Space: 27-134 sq ft

Overall Flat Features

Certain 2 BHK flats of Gurgaon have additional features like chandeliers, lighting control system, water purifiers, etc. The average rent of a 2 BHK would go up if any added feature is required by the customer.

Average Space: 350- 1330 sq ft


Most people consider balconies as the least used space of a house. On the other hand, it becomes the most used area which provides a view of society or locality. Also, it can be used conveniently as a green area of the house by having small flower pots, and garden. It becomes vital part of a house if we use it effectively.

The 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon, usually have an attached balcony. People use it various purposes, like unwinding while viewing nature’s beauty, reading books while sitting on a chair, gardening, etc.

Average Space: 9-44.68 sq ft

Total Built Up Area

Arguably, an important factor after considering the amenities, rooms, features, etc of any 2 BHK flat in Gurgaon is the space. Conveniently said people buy space in a building for residing with or without their families.

Average Space: – 450-1430 sq ft (Including residential parking)

Additional Building Amenities

Anyone planning to stay in a furnished rental 2 BHK flat of Gurgaon, would certainly look at the added features. As a result, amenities like security personnel’s, intercom, reserved car parking, etc are also available in furnished societies.

Additional Society Facilities

Lastly, the type of society eg. gated & secure buildings, parks, jogging tracks and other feature are also considered before renting. More or less most furnished 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon are located in gated areas with all such amenities. Moreover,the monthly maintenance cost should be counted in the rental cost. Consequently, this might vary depending upon the type of society.

*Please note that average space of each room has been calculated from the total carpet area offered in a 450-1430 sq ft 2 BHK flat.


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